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Caring Workplace Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Caregiver for an Older Adult?
Before you answer no, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are you stressed trying to meet the increasing needs of an older relative or loved one?

  • Do you feel like you're running in place, just moving from one crisis to another?

  • Do you find yourself feeling depressed, anxious or burdened?

  • Are you busy chauffeuring from one doctor appointment to another, running more errands to the pharmacy and store?

  • Have you become the family referee, fielding questions and issues from your family about your loved one's care?

  • Are you getting buried in medical, legal and financial paperwork?

  • Do you keep your worries to yourself and think that your employer would be unsympathetic to you?

If you answered yes to any question, you are a caregiver, and you may be experiencing caregiver stress. You are not alone. One-third of the U.S. population is caring for an older adult and, like you, two-thirds of these informal caregivers provide this care in addition to working full or part-time. These added responsibilities can have a profound impact on you, and on your work. That's why we've created the Caring Workplace.


Why is this Program Important to Businesses?
A Company can only get its employees' best when they are at their best.  A business must understand its employees' challenges as caregivers and recognize that these issues related to employed caregivers not only impact them, but the company as well.  The bottom line is costing American businesses $33.6 billion annually.

By bringing the Caring Workplace to employees in your organization, you can address this growing issue where they work.  Now, through this program, your employees can find a way to better balance their caregiving responsibilities with their lives. 

How Can the Caring Workplace Help You?
We'll give you the information you need, the answers you want, and access to a host of service providers to enhance the quality of life for your older loved one, and for you.

An Eldercare Specialist assigned to your organization will be available to meet with you and other employees who may have questions or concerns about their role as a caregiver. Our Eldercare Specialists are compassionate, licensed professionals who are familiar with the problems and needs of older adults and knowledgeable about community resources to help you through these difficult times. They will be available by phone or in person so you can provide a confidential overview of your situation.

Their role will be to:

  • Help you assess the impact of caregiving stress,

  • Assist you to address problems, concerns and potential solutions,

  • Provide home and safety assessments to determine the needs of your older loved ones and to plan accordingly,

  • Present information about community and financial resources along with strategies to guide you, as a caregiver, to the right resources,

  • Provide support and/or counseling to help you work through physical and emotional concerns, and

  • Coordinate services and placement as needed.

How Much will These Services Cost?
Cost of services are based on customized agreement.  Primary services within the package are provided at no cost or minimal cost to the employee.  If additional services are needed, such as in-home care, in-depth counseling, or placement in a senior living community, regular charges for these services would apply. Don't worry, your Eldercare Specialist will assist you in identifying any additional cost or services needed. All information collected from both the employee and the employer will remain strictly confidential.