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How Does the Program Help?

A company that joins the Caring Workplace program provides a new set of benefits and resources to its employees. Working individuals gain immediate access to an Eldercare Specialist and other resources that help them relieve the stress of caring for an elderly parent or loved one. An Eldercare Specialist provides the information and support a caregiver needs, as well as access to a host of service providers to enhance the quality of life for an older adult and for the family of the working caregiver.

An Eldercare Specialist assigned to the organization is available to meet one on one with an employee to respond to their questions and concerns.  The Eldercare Specialists are compassionate professionals who are familiar with the problems and needs of elders. They are knowledgeable about community programs available to famillies caring for older adults, and are ready to assist caregivers working through difficult transitions.

These services help to relieve stress and lost time at work for employed caregivers tending to the needs of an elderly loved one. The result is a healthier, more productive balance for employees and their families.