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Caregiver's Checklist

A brief check list to help meet the challenges of caring for an older adult

Remember the Caregiver's Creed

Look for and find support

Give the “care-receiver” a say in decisions that affect him or her. Unless the person is seriously mentally incapacitated, be sure his or her wishes are considered when making care plans. Certainly it’s a courtesy you would wish to have extended to you.

Acknowledge that caring for an older adult is stressful.

Make lists and prioritize your to do's.

Ask how legal and financial affairs should be handled, sooner than later.

Identify and document all the health care professionals who have served your elder in recent years and document what types of services were received for what conditions. Sometimes elders see a bevy of specialists for a variety of conditions and there is no one doctor ensuring coordination of care.

  • Ask the doctors questions about anything and everything that’s unclear to you.

  • Take detailed notes about prescriptions, about the doctor’s instructions and about changes in the elder’s condition.

  • If you’re not satisfied with the level of service or the quality of care your elder is receiving, look for another doctor.

Don't hesitate to ask for help.