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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


Help eliminate elder abuse and neglectJune 15th marks the 8th annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and the staff at Senior Solutions and the Caring Workplace would like to take this opportunity to share resources and information to join in the fight against this often hidden problem.  Every year an estimated 2.1 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation. And that’s only part of the picture: Experts believe that for every case of elder abuse or neglect reported, as many as five cases go unreported.  The Administration on Aging (AoA) is one of the agencies sponsoring this event and you can visit their website at for a wide variety of resources and information to help combat this problem. 

In order to help increase awareness, below is a list of Warning Signs that someone may be a victim of exploitation, abuse, or neglect:
Financial Exploitation

Lack of affordable amenities and comforts in an elder’s home

Giving uncharacteristically excessive gifts or financial reimbursement for needed care

A caregiver has control of an elder’s money but fails to provide for the elder’s needs

An older adult has signed property transfers  but is unable comprehend the meaning of this action


Physical Abuse

Inadequately explained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores, or burns

Unexplained sexually transmitted diseases



Lack of basic hygiene or appropriate clothing

Lack of food

Lack of medical aids (e.g., glasses, walker, dentures, hearing aid, or medications)

Person with dementia left unsupervised

Person confined in bed is left without care

Home is cluttered, dirty, or in disrepair

Home lacks adequate facilities (stove, refrigerator, heating and cooling, plumbing, or electricity)

Untreated bed sores or pressure ulcers

To report suspected elder abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation in MO please call the 24 hour hotline at 1-800-392-0210 IL residents can call 1-866-800-1409.


Information obtained from  For additional information about this or Caregiver related issues please contact your Eldercare Specialist Heather Spindler, MSW, at 314-802-5106, toll free at 1-888-388-1930, or via email at [email protected].