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Caregiver Tip of the Day - November 2009

  • November 1: Work off stress.  Exercise regularly.

  • November 2: Take charge of your life.

  • November 3: Give yourself positive reinforcement.

  • November 4: Remember to be good to yourself. Love, honor and value yourself. 

  • November 5: You’re doing a very hard job and you deserve some quality time just for you.

  • November 6: Laugh about something everyday.

  • November 7: Seek, accept, and at times, demand help. 

  • November 8: Seek support from other caregivers—- you are not alone.

  • November 9: Take daily, weekly, monthly and yearly breaks.

  • November 10: Stand up for your rights as a caregiver and a citizen.

  • November 11: Eat 3 balanced meals daily.

  • November 12: Trust your instincts.  Most of the time they’ll lead you in the right direction.

  • November 13: Grieve for your losses, feel the way you feel and allow yourself to dream new dreams.

  • November 14: Give yourself permission to have a good cry.
    November 15: Educate yourself about your loved one’s condition.  Information is empowering.

  • November 16: Watch out for signs of depression and get professional help when needed.

  • November 17: Let your friends help you.

  • November 18: There’s a difference between caring and doing.  Establish your limits. 

  • November 19: You have the right to set limits on what you can or will do.

  • November 20: Try not to look at the whole picture. Take things a bit at a time.

  • November 21: Give yourself lots of credit.

  • November 22: Establish daily routines.

  • November 23: Get organized.

  • November 24: Join a community support group.

  • November 25: Don’t help too much. Let the one you are caring for do as much as they can.