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Covid Fatigue

“Covid fatigue” is a new phrase you may hear, as this is a reality that is sweeping the Nation, and most likely the entire globe. It is an issue that is hitting our Front Line workers especially hard, and we want our staff to know you are not alone and that support is available. We are all growing tired. Tired of the new norm. Tired of sickness and loss. Tired of being forced to stay home when not performing essential duties. Tired of the anxiety. Tired of the news. Tired of being careful. Tired of being isolated (or maybe tired of the people in our bubble!). But mostly we are growing tired of evading the invisible enemy that is Covid-19.

Over the course of the past 11 months our lives have been disrupted. The losses have piled upon us. Loss of life, loss of health, loss of jobs and income. Many families have gone from a comfortable sense of security to facing the fear of the unknown. Almost every single person has been affected in some way by the pandemic, whether it be an adjustment in how we work and teach and entertain ourselves, to how we survive another day.

It is easy to see why we, as a Nation, are exhausted. In light of this, it is important to remind ourselves and each other to make our mental and physical health a top priority right now. It is easy to make the excuse that we are in the middle of a pandemic so we often turn to unhealthy vices to help ourselves feel better, but a key factor in how we weather this storm is in how we take care of ourselves.

Remember to eat well balanced meals and do not overindulge in food or alcohol as a coping mechanism. Your calorie intake is the fuel for your body and if you want your body to run well you need to put in the best fuel possible. If your routine has been altered, and perhaps become more sedentary, be sure to maintain a good level of physical activity. Even just a short ten minute walk everyday can help boost your emotional and physical health. Maintain your health appointments and routine. There are new options in telehealth available if you are uncomfortable going to your physician’s office. The vaccine is becoming more readily available every day and you can contact your doctor or Eldercare Specialist if you need help with this process. Do not put off seeking out medical care if you need help.

Talk to someone if you are feeling depressed or anxious. You are not alone. Seek out support within your social network or from a professional. Staff at the Caring Workplace® is available to you for supportive counseling in addition to help linking clients with valuable resources that may help during this difficult time. This is a St. Andrew’s employee benefit and there is no cost for the employee utilizing these services. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are feeling overwhelmed. We are all in this together!

For more information contact your Caring Workplace® Eldercare Specialist, Heather Spindler at 314-802-5106 or via email at [email protected]