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What is a Care Manager?

elderly womanSenior Solutions employs Care Managers to assist and support you in the care of your loved ones. Feel confident when you cannot be there yourself that a Senior Solutions Care Manager is there!  Each Care Manager is:

  • a degreed professional who specializes in aging related issues and assists older adults and their family members by assessing their needs and identifying the best services and care available to meet those needs;

  • a third party objective expert that helps families come together to achieve what is best for the senior they are caring for and concerned about;

  • a resource expert that knows and understands the community resources needed and how to access these services;

  • a trusted advisor that will ensure the care and services you receive are appropriate, safe, and what is necessary;

  • a knowledgeable person that keeps their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends and issues so they can address and respond the most appropriately;

  • a faithful friend that advocates for the older adult and the family for a free flow of information among all health care providers and community resources;

  • an ally that will work with difficult situations to obtain the best solutions for all involved; and

  • a communicator that will always keep everyone informed.

The Senior Solutions Care Manager

Senior Solutions has an experienced staff of Care Managers that are dedicated to helping aging adults. Each specialist is trained to:

  • evaluate individual and family needs in the comfort of their own home;

  • identify the best services and care available to meet those needs;

  • supply information and referrals to family caregivers for community services and resources;

  • direct older adults and their caregiving families through the maze of senior care services;

  • coordinate and monitor the senior care services on an on-going basis;

  • counsel individuals and families on issues that relate to decision-making, adjustment to change, conflict, grief, loss, and other age-related issues;

  • support the caregiver family and individuals to reduce stress during change and transition; and

  • educate the community about the aging population and their needs.

Why a Senior Solutions Care Manager is so beneficial:

Utilizing a Care Manager will give you, the concerned family caregiver:

  • the peace of mind that accompanies a professional’s guidance and expertise;

  • reduced caregiver stress – allowing you to enjoy the time spent with that older adult, rather than worrying about what to do next; and

  • comfort and a sense of security knowing services are being monitored by a trained and experienced Care Manager.