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Dealing with Hearing Loss

It is naturally frustrating when we are forced to repeat ourselves on a regular basis. If others are better informed as to why you need things repeated, you are more likely to reduce their frustration. There is no need to try to do it all by yourself. Work with your family and friends to make hearing easier. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell people about your hearing loss. It is important for the people you spend time with to know that hearing is hard for you. The more you tell them, the more they can help. 

  • Ask your friends and family to face you when they talk so that you can see their faces. If you watch their faces move and see their expressions, it may help you to understand them better.

  • Ask people to speak louder, but ask them not to shout. Tell them you hear them better when they talk more clearly, not when they talk more slowly. 

  • Turn off the television, radio, and other auditory distractions during conversations.

  • Try to be aware of noises that can make hearing harder. For example, avoid sitting near the kitchen or lobby when you go to a restaurant. Background noise makes it hard to hear what people are saying.

Most importantly, learn to be patient. Your frustration will interfere with your ability to concentrate on what you need to hear. When you are able to reduce your frustration, you will naturally reduce the frustration levels of those around you. If you continue to experience difficulty, feel free to discuss other helpful options with your doctor.

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