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A Good Night Sleep

Difficulty falling or staying asleep is a common problem. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about half of Americans report sleep difficulty at least occasionally and over 50% of men and women over the age of 65 complain of at least one chronic sleep problem. This can result in a negative impact on concentration, productivity and mood.

What can you do? There are three areas that you can control to improve your sleep patterns.

  • Aim for better daytime habits 
    - limit naps during the day to 30 minutes or less - limit caffeine and alcohol several hours prior to bedtime 
    - avoid smoking several hours prior to bedtime 
    - expose yourself to bright light/sunlight soon after awakening 
    - exercise earlier in the day to avoid stimulating the body close to bedtime 

  • Prepare a better pre-sleep ritual 
    - relax for a while before going to bed 
    - enjoy only light snacks prior to bed time 
    - make a list of any concerns or tasks for the next day 
    - avoid "over-the-counter" sleep aids (always check with your doctor prior to starting or stopping an "over-the-counter medicine or supplement)

  • Tips for getting back to sleep 
    - avoid stimulating the brain with activities such as television - avoid exposing yourself to bright light 
    - focus on repetitive or mindless things using visualization or "day dreaming" 
    - snack on a food that contains tryptophan (causes feelings of sleepiness), such as milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, chicken, turkey, cashews, soy beans, and tuna. source:

St. Andrew's Senior Solutions helps to serve the needs of older adults and their families in the comfort of their home.  Services can be available on a sliding scale based on economic need and funds available.   For more information, please call (314) 726-5766 or visit them at  St Andrew's Senior Solutions is a not-for profit division of St. Andrew's Resources for Seniors, an Episcopal-Presbyterian organization serving older adults and their families since 1961.