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Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

When it comes to nutrition, it is easy to spend a lot of time worrying about what and how to eat. Another point to consider is that how much you eat by way of taking in fats and vitamins, which can affect your long term health.  Keeping ones weight within the healthy range or that isn’t more than ten pounds over is the goal for most Americans.  One can keep their weight in normal range by eating right and exercising.  Eating Right can limit ones risk of future chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, developing diabetes, developing certain types of cancer, high blood pressure and higher cholesterol.

There are ways to remain healthy and not completely change your normal lifestyle that we all have become accustomed to and enjoy.  Here are some suggestions that can help. 

  • Set a realistic goal -Break your goal into segments that can be reached.  Keep your goal small in the beginning and then as you reach that goal make another one.  Don’t set a goal that is unreachable for you.

  • Diet appropriately - Take little steps to start dieting, change your cooking habits, eat more fruits and vegetables and count calories. Physical Exercise- The amount of energy the body uses can be determined by how much work your muscles are doing.  The more work your muscles do the more calories one can burn.

  • Hydration - drinking water helps quench thirst and does not add extra calories like soda and juice products. 

Eating healthy is also very important in maintaining a good healthy lifestyle. It is hard to follow a good diet and watch what we are eating when there is fast food all around us.  Fruits and Vegetables are full of nutrients and it is recommended to eat five servings a day.  This may be difficult, but here are some suggestions to help.

  • Selection of food - Choose fruits and vegetables that sound good and are easy to eat.

  • Make eating fun - Try new foods that you have always wanted to try.  Explore new cooking methods and look at recipes that can be altered.

  • Choose food wisely - Consume a variety of foods that are beneficial for you, choose good fats wisely and avoid lots of saturated fats,  look at carbohydrates that are better for you such as food made with whole grain, control calorie intake to manage body weight, and participate is some physical activity.

For further information about Healthy eating, community resources, or St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions, please contact your ElderCare Specialist at (314) 802-6291 or [email protected].  Information for article was obtained from Harvard School of Public Health.