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Activity Ideas for Homebound Adults

Looking at old photos During this time of year many families are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoying outdoor activities such as trips to the local parks and gardens.  This has brought up the question with some of our clients: What types of activities can we enjoy with Mom/Dad taking into consideration their inability to get out of the house safely and easily?  Fortunately there are many stimulating activities you can still enjoy right in the comfort of your own home.

Creating a Scrapbook/Photo album:Taking a walk down memory lane is an important aspect of growing older.  Use this time to reminisce and share memories of your loved ones childhood or your favorite times together as a family.  Older adults with some level of memory impairment may still be able to recall significant pieces of their history and pass on memories to their loved ones, while at the same time creating a wonderful keepsake for the family to share over time. 

Board games/Card games: This is another activity that can involve the entire family, regardless of age.  Choose something that is appropriate so you can include everyone, whether it be a game of Old Maid or Checkers, or something more mentally stimulating such as Trivial Pursuit.

Cooking: This may sound like a chore to many of us, but ask your loved one if they have any favorite recipes they can teach you, or create a new favorite together.  Making meals to share is a wonderful way to create memories, and can help your family pass down recipes to future generations who may enjoy that experience as well. 

Video Games: Interactive games such as the Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation are enabling those with mobility impairment to participate in games such as bowling and golf again, when these may be activities they long thought they would have to give up.  There are hundreds of game options and this is an activity that every generation can easily learn to play and will love.

Musical Activities:  Playing musical games such as Name that Tune using music from your loved ones past may spark a lot of memories.  Or simply find a selection of their favorites and enjoy that time spent together. 

Reading: Older adults may develop some difficulty reading by themselves but fortunately today you can find a wide selection of books in every genre as an Audiobook.  The wonderful thing about this is that reading can now become a shared activity rather than a solitary one.  Search for books that you can enjoy together and make this a part of your visits. 

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