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Medicare Open Enrollment 2011

It’s that time of year again!  The staff at St. Andrew’s Senior Solutions would like to take this opportunity to remind our clients and caregivers Medicare open enrollment period now begins on October 15th and ends on December 7th.  Individuals who previously waited until the end of the year to make changes to their Medicare plans should be made aware of these dates to ensure they do not miss the opportunity to make any necessary revisions to their benefits. 

Keep in mind that beneficiaries can only opt to make changes to their Medicare part D (prescription benefit) and Medigap plan (supplemental policies) during this open enrollment period, UNLESS there are life changing circumstances that will allow for a special enrollment period.  Examples of life changing circumstances would be loss of a job, loss of comparable benefits that had previously been available, loss of a spouse, or reaching age of retirement.  Special enrollment option is also now being offered any time during the year if a beneficiary is opting to switch to a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Prescription Plan that has been given a 5 star rating. 

Medicare part D plans and Supplemental policies vary by location and the best plan or most cost effective plan is based on individual health care needs and prescriptions.  A beneficiary can contact 1-800-MEDICARE or at any time to review plan options.  If you or a loved one needs help navigating the Medicare maze, please feel free to contact your ElderCare Specialist at any time for individual assistance with enrollment.  This process can take time so please call or email at your earliest convenience.  For help in researching Medicare part D plans you will need detailed information about your loved one’s current prescriptions, zip code, and pharmacy.  You should also be aware if they are currently receiving any state or federal assistance with their prescription costs.

Information was obtained from  . For more information contact your Caring Workplace Eldercare Specialist, Heather O’Brien at 314-802-5106, Toll free
1-888-388-1930 or [email protected]