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Home Safety Evaluations

Household accidents for older adults can be serious and may result in lasting pain, hospitalization or even nursing home care.  Having a home safety evaluation conducted is a simple way to minimize risk and maximize peace of mind.  A home safety evaluation is conducted by an experienced and trained Care Manager and identifies anything that might prove to be cause for concern in one’s living environment.  It often includes a tour of one’s home and oral and written recommendations on how to make one’s home a safe and secure one. 

Recommendations could include anything from removing throw rugs that could cause an older adult to trip, or rearranging furniture to clear their walking path, to installing handlebars next to the toilet or bath tub, or reworking lighting to assist with reading or cooking. 

There are agencies that will help with minor home repairs for older adults.  The St. Louis Older Resident Program (CORP) will provide volunteers as available.  The North County office number is (314) 615-7446.  St. Andrew’s offers low cost home repair to older adults based on their income, and is located in University City.

Our homes are a valuable asset, but nothing is more valuable than our safety and well-being.  To learn more about home safety evaluations or minor home repair for older adults, please call St. Andrew’s at (314) 726-5766.
Ann Bannes is the vice president of  St. Andrew’s Seniors Solution.