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Understanding In-Home Health Care

Upon being discharged from the hospital, older patients and their families are left with several options to provide ongoing care.  Health care in the comfort of one’s home can provide peace of mind and a sense of control to family and friends.  Home health care consists of a variety of services and levels of care.  Supportive services allow a person to continue living independently while receiving assistance with personal needs such as walking, bathing, dressing, house cleaning, and meal preparation.  Skilled care is designed to provide a higher level of care by licensed care professionals.  Live-In and 24-hour care is an ideal option for older adults whose dependency on others has increased for optimum daily living.  Most home health care organizations offer additional services as well such as Geriatric Care Management, safety assessments, medication reminders, and bath visits. 

If the only option given is to enter a nursing home, people are forced to leave behind personal possessions, hobbies, and social contacts.  By investing in home health care, you are preserving their sense of independence and security while allowing them to maintain social ties and involvement within the community.