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Staying Mentally Sharp

Behaviors to protect against Cognitive Decline
 (changes in memory and other mental functions can affect the quality of life.) 

  • Keep challenging yourself to learn new things. (Use it or lose it!)

  • Stay physically active (“Move it or lose it!”)

  • Remain socially active. (Attend church, play bridge… Whatever you like to do – with other people!)

  • Participate in leisure activities. (Meditation, stress relief, reduction)  (Important: avoid the sense of being overwhelmed by stress.) Get a restful night’s sleep!  If you can’t sleep at night…. Are you napping during the day?   

  • Seek the help you need if you are feeling lonely, depressed, or have recently lost a loved one.

  • Be sure you receive the proper treatment if you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other cardiovascular condition.

  • See your doctor regularly, and keep any medical conditions under control. (diabetes, cerebrovascular disease)

  • Avoid trauma , use safety gear– wear a seat belt, a bike helmet…ambulation assistance

  • If you smoke, STOP!!   Avoid excessive intake of alcohol.

  • Eat well…the right amount of the right foods. Many sources suggest the regular use of a multivitamin. We’ve heard about antioxidants…but need to guard against excess vitamin intake…as well.

  • Use sensory aids (hearing aids, reading glasses, etc) to   heighten your ability to interact with your environment.

  • Consult with your physician before taking estrogen  replacement therapy, melatonin, or other over-the-counter anti-aging supplements.  Be sure your primary physician knows ALL medications, herbs, and other supplements.

Keeping a clear, active mind is important!

Provided by:  “Achieving and Maintaining Cognitive Vitality” sponsored by the International Longevity Center and the Institute for the Study of Aging.

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