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Caregiver Services:  The Caregiver's Creed

The Caregiver’s Creed

  • I take care of myself. I know that if I am not healthy and sound, I cannot care for another person effectively.

  • I accept that caregiving involves an incredible range of emotions, from anger to joy, from resentment to compassion. I accept that my feelings are not right or wrong. They just are. And they are as natural and unavoidable as breathing.

  • I ask for and accept help willingly. I involve my family, friends and the community in the care of my aging loved one. I understand that it’s not my role to do it all, nor is it best for my loved one.

  • I actively seek out information that can help me as a caregiver of an aging senior. I recognize that information is empowering.

  • I respect the preferences and decisions of the older adult I’m caring for. I extend to my loved one the dignity and courtesy I would wish to receive if the tables were turned.

  • I recognize that change – good and bad – is a natural part of caregiving for a senior. I remain flexible and open to change.

  • I celebrate the small successes and allow myself to grieve the disappointments. I share my feelings with those who can empathize.

  • I am mindful of my own needs and I guard my rights as a caregiver. I do not allow my caregiver’s role to overwhelm the other aspects of my life

  • I forgive myself my shortcomings and I congratulate myself for the effort and love I put into my caregiving.