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When to Choose In-Home Care

 Here are some basic tips, but remember a Care Manager can always provide the objective clinical perspective that is often needed in these situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

In-Home Care Is Right When ...

  • The elderly person's house is safe, free from obstacles and hazards, and the home is in a safe neighborhood.

  • The older adult can manage nutritional meals.

  • The older adult has family and friends visiting on a regular basis.

  • The senior does self care for all their personal needs.

  • The senior manages their financials.

  • The older adult has a means to get to and from medical appointments, shopping, and errands.

  • The older adult cannot do some of the above but has financial means for in home help.

  • The older adult can manage the cost or qualifies for Medicaid or other charitable dollars.

Consider In-Home Care if your aging loved one can no longer do some of the above activities themselves.  If the individual has the means and resources to have In-Home Care, an eldercare specialist's helper will manage and assist with all the above activities of daily living.

Can Mom continue to take care of Dad alone,
or should he be in a skilled nursing home?

It Is Time to Consider Skilled Nursing Care When...

  • Your aging loved one needs 24 hour medical care

  • He or she needs more assistance than what is provided for with In-Home Care

  • The older adult needs more social interaction and support than is being received in their own home

  • He or she need a safer home environment

  • The senior has sufficient resources to cover the costs of skilled nursing care or qualifies for a Medicaid “bed”