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Choosing a Provider:  A Few Questions to Ask

Quality of Services Provided:  Does the agency:

  1. Provide a variety of services that have been developed into a care plan, for an individual, based on an assessment performed by a Licensed  Registered Nurse, a Licensed Practical Nurse, or a Geriatric Social Worker?

  2. Provide continual updates to the care plan, based on changing client needs?

  3. Provide copies of the care plan to the client?

  4. Provide respite care for family caregivers in need of relief?

  5. Regularly review client progress and regularly monitor services provided to ensure maximum client satisfaction?

  6. Maintain active membership in and follow industry standards established by state and local organizations that represent the Home Service Industry?

Staff Selection and Training Does the agency:

  1. Have Care Managers that are experienced and credentialed in geriatric care?

  2. Have a Geriatric Registered Nurse and a Geriatric Social Worker?

  3. Require that staff meet on-job knowledge and required skills before hiring?

  4. Require thorough background screening on all caregiving staff (criminal background, previous employers, education history, and Department of Health and Senior Services  Employee Disqualification List)?

  5. Match an employee's skill, experience levels, and personality to the client's specific needs, and minimize the number of caregivers assigned to a case to ensure continuity of care?

  6. Provide and require orientation training, on-going service training, and informational meetings for all staff on a regular basis?

  7. Require testing for Tuberculosis and offer Hepatitis testing annually?

  8. Train and require that staff regularly have emergency procedure training and other ongoing training?

  9. Make sure the employees are bonded and insured for client protection?

  10. Provide workers compensation, unemployment compensation, and deduct state, federal, and local taxes?