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Dementia Nursing Care

Families often ask is it Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia?   Individuals of all ages are at times forgetful.  We are fearful when we see several signs of forgetfulness and immediately are sure it is Alzheimer’s. All of us caring for an elderly person would like a diagnosis for the symptoms of dementia.  However, since there are many kinds, this is not an easy task and requires an expert to help to identify if it is Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

This process of seeking a proper diagnosis for Alzheimer's disease should include a geriatric assessment of dementia by a professional who can also assist with planning for the care that is needed.  A Care Manager is an excellent allay in the fight with this disease. They can help the family understand the disease, its progression and how to plan for the future.  A Care Manager is also there to assist the family through all the difficult decisions that must be made, to ease the feeling of guilt and help the family from becoming overwhelmed and stressed.

Traveling this journey alone can be very distressing.  Seeking out an objective “partner in care” can help guide and direct the path for family caregivers smoothing all the many bumps in the road.

For the Alzheimer’s education material – “Do you know the 10 signs” – visit  For additional information about the benefits of early detection and the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease,  visit or call our toll-free line at 877-IS IT ALZ (877-474-8259).