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Geriatric Assessment

Elderly woman smilingWhen an older adult or a caregiver for an older adult needs answers, service, support or counseling, a comprehensive assessment is the best way to start.  At Senior Solutions our experienced and qualified Registered Nurse knows the right questions and can find the best solutions to help during difficult times and transitions.  Our comprehensive assessment covers key aspect necessary to ensure the health and safety of the older person.

  • Does the senior have the appropriate physician and other medical providers?

  • Are there limitations with some of the functions of daily living?

  • Are the nutritional needs being met?

  • What are the medications currently needed?

  • Does the individual need extra help at home for safety, comfort, and/or companionship?

  • Can and should the older person stay in their own home?

  • Are there some assistive devices that would make it safer for the person to manage?

  • What is the support system for the individual?

  • What are the preferred living options: For the older adult? For the caregiver?

These are just some of the key questions.  Our assessment covers physical, psychological, emotional, environment issues as well as determining the need for community resources.  The results provide answers and solutions for the older adult and the caregiver identifying what is best, safe, and appropriate.