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Home Safety Assessment

Are you concerned that the living environment of an elderly family member or friend is no longer safe?

Senior Solutions provides home safety assessments designed to identify and eliminate unsafe or unknown hazards in the homes of older adults.  When a senior chooses to live independently, at home,  the environment must be kept safe and adapted to accommodate any functional limitations.  Our Care Manager will come to the home and make recommendations for changes that will improve the overall safety of the individual's living environment.

Consider the following Home Safety Assessments checklist:  (not designed to be an all inclusive list)

  • Are outdoor walkways and the yard clear of garden hoses, rocks, holes, and other obstacles?

  • Are walkways and surfaces slip-resistant?

  • Does the house have sufficient outdoor lighting?

  • Is indoor lighting bright enough to compensate for limited vision?

  • Are the home's stairways adequately lit?

  • Is a lamp or light switch accessible from bed?

  • Are the doors wide enough to provide a passable entryway with a device such as a wheelchair or walker?

  • Are all throw rugs secured with non-slip backing?

  • Is all flooring slip-resistant?

  • Are all electrical cords in good repair (no fraying, cracking, or loose plugs)?

  • Are faucets color coded for hot and cold?

  • Is the pathway to the bathroom clear?

  • Is the bed the appropriate height to allow for safe on and off transfers?

  • Are closet shelves easily accessed?