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Minor Home Repair

fix_dishwasherEach home is unique and requires a variety of services to maintain its beauty and functionality. Whether you know exactly what you need for a few small repairs or require total assistance for a larger project, our minor home repair service for seniors is available to fit your schedule.

Variety of Projects

  • Light Plumbing: Leaky Faucets, Broken Pipes, Etc. 

  • Painting: Interior or Exterior 

  • Change Smoke Detector Batteries & Light Bulbs 

  • Install, Repair, or Change Locks and Deadbolts 

  • Clean Out & Organize Storage Spaces (Attic, Garage, Basement) 

  • Light Carpentry: Interior or Exterior 

  • Deck & Porch Repair 

  • Clean Out Gutters 

  • Repair Squeaks, Leaks, Drips, & More 

  • Internal Beautification: Hang Pictures, Install Door, Replace Fixtures 

Advantages of Service

  • Safety and Security for Homeowner 

  • Peace of Mind for Homeowner, Family & Friends

  • Maintains & Improves Value of the Home 

  • Beautifies the Property for Homeowner & Neighborhood 

  • Provides Additional Time to Socialize with Family & Friends