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Preferred Personal Services for Residents of Long Term Care Facilities

Residents of long term care communities have the desire to maintain their independence, but are often limited in their knowledge of options for additional care. Residents discover obstacles in coordinating services that balance a healthy lifestyle. Senior Solutions recognizes these challenges and offers a unique program to serve residents of long term care communities.

A Personal Assistant performs supportive services by embracing the uniqueness of each older adult and tailoring our service to their individual needs. Our experienced staff make it their mission to allow each client to feel special while promoting their independence. Whether it is 30 minutes at a time, or up to 24 hours a day, residents can create a cost efficient, supportive package to fit their needs.

Providing Quality Services

With Senior Solutions' helping hand comes peace of mind along with:

  • Special one-on-one consultation 

  • Assist with unique bathing needs 

  • Escorts to/from meals & activities 

  • Assist with dressing & grooming 

  • Escorts for medical appointments 

  • Companionship

Serving Unique Needs

Residents of independent living have unique needs. To meet these needs, we also offer:

  • Medication set-up & reminders 

  • Monitor vital signs 

  • Wound & Ostomy care 

  • Diabetes Management Catheter care 

  • Assist with laundry & housekeeping