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Monitoring and Reporting

As individuals are concerned about the well being of an older adult, it is important to be kept informed as needs change over time.  Senior Solutions Care Managers stay vigilant to changes, sudden problems and other issues that might negative impact the safety and well being of the care recipient.   A few examples of issues that need to be monitored and reported are:

  • Changes in medication

  • Medication side effects

  • Nutritional status

  • Change in health status

  • A sudden decline

  • Psychological/emotional changes

Changes in the needs and wants of seniors must be closely monitored. And keeping the caregiver well informed is vital to ease the worry and minimize the stress.  Senior Solutions Care Managers are committed to assuring all their caregiver clients are free from the concerns and worries of caregiving.  At Senior Solutions we are dedicated to helping the caregiver experience the Joy of caregiving.