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Respite Care

Most people look to their families for support in caring for an elderly family member.  While the family is a good choice for providing loving care, sometime the task can become overwhelming.  Caregivers often experience stress with the emotional and physical challenges that come with the responsibilities of caregiving.

The sooner the caregiver accepts they cannot do everything for Mom, Dad or Aunt Mildred, the sooner they will learn taking care of oneself is vital.  Taking Care of oneself is the primary role of the caregiver but this is often forgotten.

A caregiver must have support. A caregiver must have help.  Not could have… not should have… must have. 

Respite Care is the perfect break from caregiving responsibilities to replenish and renew.  When you take care of self first, you will have the energy and the emotional strength to find the JOY in your caregiver journey. 

Respite Care:a break of a few hours, a day or even time for a vacation is important and should be included in the family caregiving plan.  You may feel that asking for help shows weakness or lack of caring, but the opposite is true.  Asking for help shows strength.  It means you know the limits and when to seek support.