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Transportation Escorts and Errands

Transportaion and EscortsWhen we lose the ability to drive, independence is difficult. Senior Solutions recognizes the loss and works closely with the seniors to successfully make it through this difficult transition with support, counseling, and assistance. We can:

  • Provide transportation for any activity whether to a medical appointment, a grocery store, or an afternoon outing;

  • Secure and arrange on going transportation services to regular appointments;

  • Help to make the adjustment easier and eliminate the feelings of isolation.

Escorts and Errands

Running errands or spending time waiting in a physician office is tiring and can often exhaust someone. Senior Solutions can help! We will:

  • Escort to a physicians office or other activities.

  • Provide companionship for social activities or waiting in medical providers offices.

  • Do the grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, the cleaning or other weekly task.